Kids Birthday Parties

How can I book a party?
It’s easy! Just give us a call (339-237-3899) to speak with one of our party consultants and we’d be happy to reserve your special day and time! Or, if easier, you can request a date and time online.
Do you offer add-ons?
Yes, we do!  Check out our Most requested addons
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards however, personal checks are not accepted. For your convenience we accept Cash,Cash App, Venmo, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, credit or debit.
When can we arrive for our party?
You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. Please do not arrive any earlier since it will interfere with the party before you.
Are food or drinks included?
Sorry Food and drinks are not included
Are deposits refundable? 
All deposits are not-refundable.

Will they need socks?
Yes, Board of Health requires Socks (no bear feet) on inflatables. Its2cool can offer socks at additional fee.
Is there Fixability on start and end time?
I am sorry, but all parties must start end and on time.
Do I need coins for the arcades?
It’s 2Cool is very proud to offer coin-free arcades which NOBODY else offers.  However, we cannot control mechanical/inflatable failure either during or prior to your event.  In the event that products may be out for service or waiting for repair parts, we offer plenty of other activities to keep your guests well entertained.  Therefore, there will be no refund given if products are not working or out for service.
Is Its2cool open to the public?
NO. All parties are private. However, when you are in Arena 1 there may be a party in arena 2. 
Are tips appropriate?
Gratuities for our staff are welcome and appreciated.
Are there safety rules?
Absolutely. The Party host will give all of the children a rundown of rules, and precautions before entering the party arenas.

Rental Center

Does the Price include delivery setup and pick up?
We do all setup and breakdown and take away the following day. Price listed on website does not include delivery fees please refer to our delivery area page.
What electrical requirement do we need?
At delivery we will need at least one dedicated 15 amp. circuit for moonwalks. As for popcorn or cotton candy and sno-Cone machines they also require their own separate circuit as well, they cannot be on the same outlet/circuit. As for larger inflatables like water slides, Obstacle courses etc they will need anywhere form one to 3 separate outlets depending on product, just review contract it will let you know what you need. We supply one extension cord for each product. Very important note we can only go 100 ft away from outlet as per Massachusetts Department of Public Safety and the manufacture requirements.
Do we have to keep it plugged in the entire time?
Yes. An electric blower keeps air in the jump unit the entire time. If unplugged, it will deflate.
What if I do not have a power source? (Ex. Parks, Festivals, Fairs, etc)
If you want to set-up somewhere without a power-source, you will need to rent a generator. We rent generators at a reasonable rate.
What payments do you take?
Cash, Check or All major Credit Cards. If paying with cash, please have exact change as our drivers do not carry cash.
When is Final payment due?
Final payment is due at delivery.
When can we expect delivery?
All deliveries are delivered between the hours 7:00am to 12noon and picked up the following day. We will need an adult there present at delivery. At pick up no one needs to be there unless you have a locked gate.
As for Earlier deliveries time please call office and they will assist you however there will be an additional cost for we will have to alter our delivery routes to accommodate you.
What surfaces do you set up on?
Set up on grass is always preferred, its safer for entering and exiting inflatables, dirt, asphalt, and concrete is ok.  Sorry, we can not set up on Gravel or any type of rock as the constant rubbing will wear through the vinyl jumps.
Any other information I need to know about?
We can not deliver inflatables or dunk tanks up or down steep inclines for safety reasons. They can not be lifted over walls or fences due to weight of the products and safety as well. Dunk tanks require at least an 8ft opening on a fence. Large water slides due require large opening to get into the back yard as well.
What is your weather policy if it rains?
Please call or email our office before 8 AM the morning of your party if you wish to cancel. We do deliver units in the rain. The only time we will not deliver your inflatables is if winds are in excess of 25MPH.
What kind of water supply will I need for my water Product?
All we need is your garden hose to be hooked up to a water supply and long enough to make it to the water product Sorry we do not supply any water hoses.
Do you require a deposit and is the deposit refundable?
Yes, we do require a deposit to reserve the product as for the amount of deposit that depends on how much you are ordering. Sorry deposits are not refundable. When you book with its2cool you want to be sure your product secure for your date, the same applies with Its2cool, we held the date with you so no one else can take your product you ordered. If inclement weather is scheduled for the date of your event like Rain, high winds over 15 miles per hour Its2cool will call you and be more than glad to reschedule your rental for another date.
What if I need to cancel my Rental?
Just give our office a call and we will assist you 339.237.3899
Do you allow customer Pick up?
We allow customer pick up for Moonwalks, Jumpy Houses, Tables and Chairs Popcorn, Cotton Candy and Sno-come Machines. However, we do not allow customer pick up of Combos, Obstacle Courses, Giant slide and Waterslides they are too big and too heavy and require a lot of attention.
What if there is a problem after the delivery staff has left?
 We have staff on-call every day until 5 PM. Please call 339.237.3899 and we will assist you immediately.


Does the Price include set up and delivery and pick up?

Private Rentals

Whats included in a private Rental at Its2Cool?
When you reserve either our Small Night Club or Large Night Club here is what is included:
Use of our sound system, lights (not up lighting) and our professional Haze system (Smoke) and a Giant Video Wall so you can show a slide show, 8 ft. Banquet tables for food, 60 inch round tables for your guest to sit at and great ambiance.
Whats not included in a private rental at Its2cool?
Lounge Furniture, Fogg Blasters, Linens, Paper Goods and Condiments, Ice, DJ (Disc Jockey). However we can supply everything here for an additional cost.
If we use our own DJ what should he or she bring?
Laptop, MP3 controller, Head Phones, Microphone and if they love to really mix maybe a little monitor. Please
Forward this to the DJ. This is very important we will not have anything list above for them.
If we wish to just use your sound system with no DJ is this Possible?
Yes we do offer blue tooth capability. You can run your music thru your Smart phone, Tablet or Computer as long as it has Blue Tooth. However, there will be no Microphone capabilities unless you bring your own microphone.
Can we show a slide show on the Big Screen at Its2Cool?
Yes you can in fact we recommend it and its FREE. You can submit up to 30 photos in Jpeg format or show a video but it must be in mp4 format. This is extremely important everything must be submitted one week before your event. We can not show slide show if it is submitted the night of, Sorry.
Can we have Alcohol at our event?
Yes you can. Its2cool dose not have a license to sell alcohol, so we can only serve alcohol. This means you will need to Hire a Serving company which will have a License bartender and a general liability of one million dollars also naming Its2cool as an additional insured. This is really easy, for we offer two different companies that can assist you and has all of the requirements and have reasonable rates.
So how dose that work? Simple you tell all your gest bring what you like to drink (BYOB) from there when they arrive they must drop the alcohol of at the bartender and when they want a drink they will get it from the bartender. All alcohol must be dropped off at bartenders to serve.   Its2Cool has a strick policy about underage drink – ZERO Tolerance and will not be accepted. No Alcohol at an all kid sweet 16 Party!
Whats the difference between Deposit and Security Deposit?
Deposit is required to reserve the date. When you rent Its2cool it will look AMAZING and very clean. And at the end of the night we will expect it to look like that at the end. We understand it will get messy. Its2cool staff will clean up, however clean up should not take more than 1 hour. If clean up extends after an hour it is $100.00 per hour to clean up which will either dip into or absorb all of your security deposit. It is Its2cool mission to return security deposit however we can not sustain any loses due to excessive clean up or damage to our facility. This incudes the outside parking lot as well.
Is There a Kitchen at Its2Cool?
No, I am sorry no Kitchen here At Its2cool, how every we have Caterers here all the time and they bring what they need to get the job done and works out great. You are also welcome the bring in trays of food and used sternales to keep the food warm.
When do I make Final Payment?
Final payment must be paid one week before your event.
Are Deposits Refundable?
Sorry deposits are not refundable. When you book with its2cool you want to be sure your date and time is secure, the same applies with Its2cool, we held the date with you so no one else can take that time slot.
Why do you require Doormen, and do they have to stay at the door the whole night?
 Yes, we require you to have at least 2 doormen on the Small Night Club and 4 doormen on the Large Night Club during Kids only Sweet 16. As for Family style Sweet 16 and adult parties we require 1 doorman for either club. We do not want the kids to go out side on sweet 16s. and as for adult parties we do not want the guest to go out side and hang in the parking lot. There must be someone at the door at all times. We can supply doormen for an additional cost.

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